Академические навыки

Эти навыки, как правило, сочетают несколько этапов развития и базируются друг на друге для достижения успеха в обучении…

These skills typically combine several developmental milestone domains to which they build upon each other for a successful academic career.

Many parents envision their children growing up and making a positive impact in the world.  Along, with this envision, parents see their children successfully “mainstreamed” in the school setting and attending college.

Academic skills develop over life-span from toddlers (age 2 to 3) through young adulthood. Academic skills can be divided into several categories based on a child’s chronological age, and most countries have a standard as to what that child/student should be able to demonstrate to move on through their academic career.  These skills typically combine several developmental milestone domains to which they build upon

The chart below identifies several skills your child should demonstrate through their academic career:


Academic Skills
Pre-Academic Skills


Age Range:

2  to 5 years

(toddlers to young children)

Identifies shapes, colors, numbers, letters
Cooperative play, takes turns with friends
Explores their world
Follows directions from multiple adults
Learns to write their name, can read some words
Colors, cuts, and glues


Academic Skills


Age Range:

5  to 18 years

(school aged, adolescence to early adulthood)

Writes in complete sentences and has the ability to write about the past, present and future
Reads stories, articles, novels and can predict what will happen
Can complete math problems and critical thinking
Begins to utilize a computer or similar device
Increases their “social” circle
Appropriately self-advocates and engages in self-monitoring


Academic Skills
 University or

Vocational Training


Age Range:

18  and beyond


Selects a training or educational path in an area of interest
Can study independently or in a group
Can manage time and prioritize independently

Utilizes different instruments to complete tasks